Our people

Always here for our employees

The people who work with us are the Group's most important resource. This is why we have consistently focused on creating the best possible conditions in the workplace, supporting our employees throughout their career path at the Calzedonia Group.

Oniverse employees around the world

The number of employees at the Group as of 31.12.2022

45,094Employees around the world
59%In manufacturing plants
40%In sales roles

Calzedonia Group employees

Our model

Career paths and meritocratic incentives to grow our people

Evolution of our people

Numbers of our internal population.

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Values and leadership style

A work ethic based on solid principles.

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Equality and diversity

Policies and initiatives to defence diversity.

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Attracting, developing and promoting talent

A wide range of opportunities through Calzedonia Group Careers.

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Professional growth

A constant dialogue between employees and managers to favor professional growth.

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Training at Calzedonia Group

Specific and ongoing training along each career path.

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Gender equality

We recognize the importance of promoting equal opportunities, appreciating the value of diversity, and valuing the uniqueness of individuals

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Working well-being

Commensurate remuneration for the employee

Wages and bonuses

For most of our companies, we’ve developed remuneration and incentive programmes

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Staff benefits

We seek to make the lives of our employees a little easier and safer.

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Benefits for expats

We want to make sure that those who relocate for work, especially for long periods of time abroad, have a first-rate assistance package.

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Employees abroad

Operating in many countries, we are often confronted with the different needs of our employees.

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