Oniverse around the world
Reaching consumers through a widespread network.

Oniverse is the main player in the industry in Europe and among industry leaders internationally, with 66% of the Group’s stores outside of Italy.

The company's distribution network reaches consumers via boutiques and stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, Barcelona, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo and many other international metropolitan areas.


Substantial ongoing investments in different marketing categories have made it possible for us to establish a long-term ‘conversation’ with millions of consumers. The spokesmen and women who interpret the Group's values have always rendered the brand memorable, boosting its success.


In 2023, the Group's turnover was €3,1 billion, with constant growth in foreign markets, today making up 62% of all revenue. The volume of sales taking place online continues to also show meaningful growth. The Group's constant expansion has solidified into more than 45.000 employees around the globe today, with a marked tendency to hire women. In fact, women currently make up 89% of the company's employees, while 55% of all staff is under 30 years old.

Continuous expansion

With a focus on women

+45,000employees worldwide
89%of which are women
55%under 30 years old

The entire product life cycle, from design to production in proprietary factories up to their worldwide distribution, is handled within the Group.

The development of manufacturing and logistics plants is joined by bolstered distribution capacities, with facilities in Italy in Avio, Brentino Belluno, Castagnaro, Vallese di Oppeano, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Castel Goffredo, Segusino, Bologna and Gissi and abroad in Sri Lanka, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Ethiopia and Tunisia.


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