Our customers

Focusing on a pleasurable, easy and comfortable shopping experience

Our clients are the heart of our activity and the ultimate judge of our work.

First and foremost, we want the ratio between the price they pay and the product they receive to be optimal. We therefore want our products to be comfortable while maintaining the latest fashion trends. 

The shopping experience must be enjoyable, easy and increasingly convenient. The conscious choice to integrate physical and digital sales channels is taking us in this direction.


We are thus amplifying the purchase, return and payment methods we offer. Today, in eight European countries, online orders can be delivered to the customer's home, or to the physical store of their choice, and the return of items bought online can also be dropped off at any store location. We're studying the opportunity to allow store associates to order product from the website from any physical store that can be sent to the customer's address, reserve products online to pick and pay for at a store, along with other, more advanced services. We're amplifying the range of loyalty and gift cards, with plenty of interactions between online and offline channels.

In terms of payments, we're investing in technology to improve the omnichannel experience of our customers, offering them the widest range possible of payment methods and simplifying these processes. Assessments and studies in collaboration with some of the most important credit and fintech institutes are under way, with the aim of guaranteeing our customers technologically-advanced systems.

Customer communication channels

Digital shop windows, active 24 hours a day

22Languages spoken on our websites
48 hfor 70% of shipments
h 24Customer service

In addition, we seek to keep our customer communication channels as open as possible. We can be reached through digital showcases that are live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with an important presence on social platforms and marketplaces.

In 22 languages, our website also offers various payment systems. 70% of all daily shipments for online orders reach customers in less than 48 hours and, in cities like São Paulo and Moscow, delivery is guaranteed to arrive the same day.


The Customer Service Centrer - active 24 hours per day and reachable via a toll-free number, web chat, web form and email - makes it possible to interact directly with our customers on the Group's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Modern purchasing methods necessarily involve the exchange of information and personal data. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, and we use available technology to protect their confidential data. To learn more on this topic, the general principles that we follow are illustrated in the Code of Ethics.

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