Our manufacturing facilities

Total control over the supply chain

The issues of sustainability issues related to the supply chain in the textile and clothing industry are incredibly critical and topical.

We chose to get involved directly in the construction of our factories, which today produce about 82% of the items sold in our shops, giving us almost total control over the supply chain and direct responsibility for how companies are sourced and managed.

Our industrial facilities are found in Italy (Avio, Brentino Belluno, Castagnaro, Vallese di Oppeano, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Castel Goffredo, Segusino, Bologna and Gissi), Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Ethiopia and Tunisia.


Regardless of their location, we have always sought to identify the best construction technology available to ensure optimum working conditions, choosing the most efficient machinery and plants in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

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For Oniverse, production means constructive standards that are aligned with Italian and European regulations, including the facilities outside of Italy. For our older facilities, we are currently implementing projects to update and improve energy efficiency.

Production and Sustainability

Our commitment to a sustainable supply chain

Sustainable supply chain management

During our working processes, we carry out strict qualitative and procedural controls with the goal of reducing wasted materials.

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Technical Specifications

Each and every product released to the market must be safe.

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We're aware of the opportunities for improvement, and we're committed to making them a reality.


There are a few particular areas that, despite complying with legal obligations, present slight hurdles to our standards. More specifically, we’re working on:


1. In-house production of accessories and cups for bras in Sri Lanka. 

The standards to which we aspire have not yet been reached. Studies are ongoing to identify the best possible solutions. 


2. Improvement in the maintenance and update of safety procedures in some plants.

A programme is in progress for the study and monitoring of possible ways to perfect the maintenance and safety of some of our plants, to ensure that our activities are in line with industry best practices.


3. Control of practices adopted by our suppliers and sub-suppliers located in far eastern countries.

  • We are working on a process by which to raise awareness of sustainability topics. Calzedonia S.p.A. provides its suppliers of raw materials and finished products with Specifications of Conformity and demands that the contents of the Code of Ethics be specifically approved.
  • To date, no third parties have made any request to audit our far eastern suppliers. We believe that we need to act by starting out with a sensitisation and communication phase of Oniverse’s essential values.
  • In the event of critical issues, an improvement programme is envisaged, which is shared with the supplier, to be implemented by established deadlines and checked.
  • In extreme cases, use of the supplier will be discontinued.

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