A solid and branched out franchising network.

Oniverse has succeeded in imposing its own sales philosophy to the market; a solid and branched out franchising network based on shops with a fresh and attractive image, able to satisfying the needs of a wide range of consumers.


A beneficiary and exclusive partnership

Oniverse franchise agreement, does not foresee any royalties for the franchisee. The business partnership between the Group and the franchisee is consolidated through close working assistance, facilitated by an organisation of qualified professionals who cover the entire area in which business activities currently take place.

With its staff, Oniverse assists the franchisee before and after the opening of the store. Area and Regional Consultants visit the shop periodically in order to discuss and provide advice regarding store management, sales strategies, in store layout and creating a profitable and constant synergy between franchisor and affiliate.


Strategies and technology to help the store

The Group selects only stores in central, pedestrian or high traffic locations.

Thanks to a very simple IT system, internally developed, stores can be restocked in the most efficient way. The software also allows the analysis of sales statistics in real time, to check stock availability, and to communicate promptly with the company.


Constant training

Oniverse guarantees the theoretical and practical training required to manage the stores; the program includes a theoretical preparation course deployed directly by the Company, followed by a training period held in the nearest training shop in order to make the range of items better known and improve sales organisation. Additionally, Oniverse periodically organises professional refresher meetings, during which the company and other franchisees meet and get the opportunity to share professional expertise and commercial skills.


National Advertising

In addition to providing catalogues, shop windows items, serigraphs and other store marketing materials, Oniverse undertakes the planning and implementation of national and international advertising campaigns.


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