Supply chain

Vertical chain integration

Oniverse is vertically integrated and deals with all phases of the chain, from production through to sale to the end consumer. Today, from 66% to 83% of the products we sell are manufactured in our plants.

The Italian sites of Verona, Avio and Castiglione delle Stiviere deal with the design process.

Production is entrusted to the Group factories in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Ethiopia and Tunisia.

The whole of production converges at the logistics hubs, which supply the direct and franchised sales outlets.

Our production plants

Responsibilities and opportunities

The plants producing the items of clothing are considerable long-term investments employing a large number of workers. The choice of insourcing production means the direct management of employee working conditions and the production technologies used and also means that we can directly ensure:

  • Compliance with the best possible levels of safety, health and environmental protection;
  • Optimum working conditions;
  • The payment of suitable salaries and contribution, where possible, towards the growth of the communities hosting the companies.

Because ownership of the plants makes it possible to coordinate manufacture with other phases of the chain ensuring total devotion to the Group's needs and the elimination of intermediaries. This means that high quality can be maintained at accessible prices.

Our approach to sensitive topics is described in the Group’s Code of Ethics.

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