Social and communal well-being

Our contribution to local communities

Oniverse has always offered its contribution to the local communities where it works, especially in times of need.

This is reflected in the numerous actions that, over time, have supported entities such as Fondazione San Zeno (a foundation that has operated in the social field since 1999), sports and cultural associations and even small-scale public works. 


Other socially-minded activities are managed directly by Oniverse companies and employees. In relation to sport, we are long-time supporters of the FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA SPORT INVERNALI (the Italian Winter Sports Federation) in all its disciplines, in addition to the Italian ski team, outstanding Italian athletes and select ski clubs, including the FALCONERI SKI TEAM.

We support the men’s basketball team of Verona. Culturally speaking, We support the Fondazione Arena, in addition to other initiatives that we’ve contributed to over the years (e.g., New Theatre, Paolo Veronese, the Schermi d’Amore film festival, etc.).

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