Our logistical organization

A strategic asset for Group activities

Logistics have always been a strategic part of Oniverse's activities.
Every day, our distribution centers prepare carry-over and fashion items destined to restock the shelves at the point of sale in Italy and beyond, sending new items each week.


The majority of the Group's stores can receive goods, if necessary, each day. The shop restocking process is supported by the in-depth integration of various IT systems involved in the different steps of the workflow: from the creation of an order at the point of sale to the verification of the merchandise's availability at distribution centers, up to its physical handling at the warehouse.


These systems are constantly updated and developed to optimize each step of the process.

Our distribution centers

Optimizing each step of the process

Distribution centres:

  • Vallese di Oppeano (ITALY)
  • Castagnaro (ITALY)
  • Varazdin (CROATIA) (managed by Ducal)

Regional distribution centres:

  • San Paolo (BRAZIL) (managed by Calzedonia Brazil)
  • Shanghai (CHINA)
  • Warsaw (POLAND)
  • New York (USA)
Organization, warehouse and distribution

Constantly-updated innovative platforms

Efficient organization

Logistic platforms designed to ensure energy efficiency and environmental comfort.

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The Group's logistics system is governed by guidelines that ensure its simplicity and efficacy.

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Transport is entrusted to third-party companies, connected digitally with Oniverse companies.

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