Falconeri reaches new destinations

2019 was a year of successes for the Falconeri brand, opening 23 new boutiques, 22 of them outside of Italy.

The great strength of Falconeri, beyond the high quality of its raw materials and the skill with which they are processed, resides in its people: constant training, a proactive approach and strong motivation of the teams enable them to offer the clients a unique shopping experience, an exclusive service, tailored to their needs, able to attract new consumers from all over the world and reinforce their relationship with the Brand.


At the moment, there are 118 Falconeri stores in the world. Among these, in 2019, new boutiques were opened in France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the U.S.

New 2019 openings will terminate in December with the inauguration of new stores in China, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

The expansion strategy will continue in 2020, with the goal of spreading the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Brand all over the world.



Find out below some of the 2019 Falconeri new openings!